Youva Denim Longbook

There are a few things slightly more frustrating than gathering all your belongings only to find that the pockets in your pants are too medium to fit any of them‚ or even worse‚ the pocket is only there for decoration and doesn′t open at all! Pockets are extremely functional‚ and the youth agrees.

The most unique feature of this notebook is the front denim pocket‚ which lends it a quirky‚ stylish and fun element along with setting it apart from any of the other books out there. School and college students can especially make use of this fifth pocket to hold their regular use stationery and carry it along wherever needed. The denim cover of the Youva long book collection comes in 3 distinctive colors – Electric Blue‚ Light Blue and Rock Black.

Youva is a young and dynamic stationery brand that constantly brings creative and futuristic products to the table‚ which resonate with the youngsters and their ambitious goals. The Denim Series is not only a practical tool for students and working professionals‚ but an idea that is changing the way we use pockets. Right from carrying stationery‚ loose change and medicines to exchanging notes in class; this front pocket denim long book can be used in multiple ways and is one of the many Youva products that have been designed to make your student life un–boring.