The aim is to bring people together to share their individual thoughts on what unity truly means to them. To some, it is simply togetherness and familial bonds; to others it could be revolution and other forms of expression. Unity is a subjective concept that can appeal to different people in various different ways. The aim is to take the Youva Book of Unity from city to city and bring people together and have them share these varied thoughts and opinions in the book. The book kick-started its journey with Mumbai and Ahmedabad and received a tremendous outpouring of messages on unity. The overwhelming response has motivated Youva to continue scouting for locations and touch points in order to reach a much wider audience and eventually be sent to the Prime Minister’s Office in Delhi.

Yoouva Book of Unity

Since the book physically moves from one place to another, here′s a fix for those who miss the opportunity to encounter it. You can simply contribute your thoughts and ideas digitally, and this provision has been specifically made to ensure that everybody, all places and backgrounds get an equal opportunity to be a part of this movement.

The Book of Unity is being referred to as the tallest book in India as it measures 39.5 inches by 21.5 inches. Indeed, the tallest of them all! Youva, together with hundreds of people who have come out to support this movement, are the future voice of this country, on their way to create history by sending a strong united message to the path makers of tomorrow. It is not merely just a book, it is a beacon of hope for those who want their voices to be heard and instill fervor of unity on a larger scale.