Best Children's Books

Water Wonder

A fun and hassle-free way of coloring without using colors – yes, it’s almost like magic! All you need to do is apply a wet paintbrush to the pictures and watch them burst into unexpected colors. This is the reason why this book is magical; you might see red dots but when in contact with water the color may turn blue or something else to your surprise This set of 2 books includes enchanting pictures of animals, birds, and scenes. No paints or crayons needed, it is one of the best Colouring books for 5-Year-Olds.

Color Club

A fun way to Color your imagination – fulfill your child’s dreams of experiencing space or the world of a princess with Color Club’s fun and exciting coloring books. What makes it even more exciting is that the book also includes fun tattoos for the kids, depending on the coloring book that they select.

Brain Teaser

A great activity book for children, Brain Teaser is a set of two books that challenge young minds while also enhancing their creative skills. Both the books teach a child different things; one book allows the child to be appreciated for the work through various appreciation stickers and the other book allows the child to build a game and its elements. It helps children build their cognitive abilities by making them think and reason in different ways

My Big Fat Indian Family

This book is about most of the Indian families and how a celebration brings us all together. The story revolves around the birthday of a young boy who awaits to celebrate it with his Big Fat Indian Family.

Jumbo Activity Books

This set of four activity books helps kids explore the sea, farms, jungle, and space with the help of their drawing toolkit. Perfect for 5 to 7-year-olds, this fun book keeps them occupied for long hours as they indulge in various exciting activities to finish the book.

Mask Mania

This is an excellent and well-graded creative series. The children can first color the pictures and then convert them into mesmerizing masks which come with ready elastic bands. There are various books with masks for different occasions for your child to create.

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