No-mess finger painting
If there is one thing that is definitely bound to take place when kids play, it’s uncharted mess, spills or things breaking. Now while you can’t tell your kids to stop playing, you can control the mess. Try a new style of no-mess painting by squirting some colorful paints in a ziplock bag, squeeze any excess air out of it, zip it up and let your kids go crazy painting with their fingers.

Start a story book club
A great way to make learning a success among kids is by encouraging the habit of reading books. Every child has a favorite character, genre or style of book he or she prefers. Start with gathering a group of kids and give them their favorite books to read. Once every week, ask all the kids to swap their books with one another. This will not only help broaden their scope of reading, but will also make them attentive and focused, along with teaching them the importance of sharing.

Origami paper craft
Another great way to keep kids occupied with a learning activity is ‘do-it-yourself’ crafts. Not only do they learn to make new things, but it also unleashes their creative side and introduces them to a whole new world of skills. Give the children a set of colorful origami paper and let them go at it. You’ll be surprised with how much they can achieve with such little material. To make it more interesting, throw in some glue, color pencils, sketch pens and crayons, and it can be a whole new creative party!

Make crayon candles
Now this is one activity that might require a little bit of supervision, but once you see the results, you wouldn’t mind the slight effort. Candle making is a hands-on project and requires some safety measures. Luckily, crayon candles are super easy to make, without the trouble of involving too many ingredients and hours and hours of time. All you need is an empty jar, some old crayons and a few pieces of broken wax (can also use old leftover scented candles). Just melt the wax with your choice of crayon color in a microwave and pour it into the jar. Let it cool for a few minutes and repeat the process. You’ll be left with a striped crayon candle with your favorite choice of colors.

Sketching, drawing and crossword puzzles
The easiest and most fruitful option of them all - Give a child his drawing or puzzle book and never look back. Since kids enjoy being creative in their own fun ways, it is best if we expose them to a variety of activity books, such as drawing, coloring, sketching, word building or even crossword puzzles. It is sure to keep them busy for hours together. Such book bound activities improve a child’s concentration and attention span along with prompting them to find their own unique artistic expression.

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