Rainy Day

Here are some fun indoor activities to do on a rainy day –

Painting and Coloring
As kids, the only thing we’ve ever loved to do is smear our hands with color and paint and color almost anything in plain sight. To make this experience more fun for your kids, it is best if you find innovative and interactive coloring and painting books that help kids communicate and express their thoughts more creatively.

Our favorite picks: Fun with Paint, Water Wonder, Neon Colouring Fun

Craft and Origami
The movement and manipulation of paper, stickers, clay and learning how to use a pair of scissors and glue are simple ways to enhance a child’s fine motor skills, helping them think outside the box. It helps them transform their imagination into reality, which really boosts their self-confidence and extends their flair beyond just craft.

Our favorite picks: Make ‘n’ Play, Model Construction, Mask Mania

Reading, Enacting and Storytelling
This is one of the best indoor activities to do as you can choose to read a book based on your child’s mood. A combination of reading, enacting the characters, voice modulations and storytelling is a great way to teach your kids about emotions, stimulate their imagination and develop early literary skills.

Our favorite picks: Panchatantra, Fairy tales, My Big Fat Indian Family

Drawing and Sketching
Another great way is to let your child’s imagination run free on paper, to draw and reflect their thoughts on a blank canvas. This will help you understand what your child is thinking. It is an important outlet and a great way to extend their concentration, improve control and enhance thought-processing skills.

Our favorite picks: Learn Pencil Shading, Connect ‘n’ Colour

There are multiple benefits of introducing kids to activity and learning books at an early age – Not only does it open their minds to a whole new world of imagination and creativity, but also gives them an opportunity to choose for themselves. They understand how to gauge their moods and determine what they enjoy indulging in more. Check out the vast collection of activity books for children available at Teenvan, a one-stop shop for students. Now no more boring days indoors when you have your favorite books around!