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The monsoon showers are finally here and as much as we would love to go out and play in the rain, it isn’t always the best idea. Another challenge during this season is keeping kids busy inside the house. Chances are they would be super restless and bored. Besides keeping them entertained with fun food recipes, sometimes it is best to get back to basics. Drawing, coloring and painting are few of the earliest and simplest activities kids do that act as building blocks in their process of learning.

Rainy Day
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One of the most difficult things to do as parents is to constantly figure out new and easy ways to keep kids busy all the time. Yes, it can be really daunting sometimes. There’s no time like now to start planning exciting activities that are not only fun to do, but also impart learning. Since being a parent instinctively demands you to be prepared all the time, here’s a quick cheat-sheet to 5 fun activities your little ones can do at any given time of the day -

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Cool, fun and energetic - all things synonymous with the cool new brand ambassador of Youva by Navneet Education Limited - Prithvi Shaw. He is a dynamic young Indian cricketer with extraordinary talent and an empowering journey. As the new face and ambassador of Navneet’s fun stationery brand, he will be seen featuring in a line of exclusive limited edition long books that will chart his complete journey as an ace batsman.

Prithvi Shaw

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In a quest to bring fashion and functionality together, here’s introducing “The Denim Series ” by Youva‚ a stationery brand designed for youngsters by Navneet Education Limited. Youva Denim is a series of notebooks that feature a high–quality denim finish cover along with a pocket in the front. Since most people usually have four denim pockets‚ this ‘fifth pocket’ of the Youva notebook can be crucial when carrying everyday essentials hassle–free.

Youva Denim Longbook

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Unity can mean different things to different people. Taking inspiration from the Statue of Unity near Vadodara, Navneet Education Limited recently unveiled the tallest book of India that discusses individual thoughts on unity from across the country. As a part of Navneet′s ′Youva Unites India′ initiative, here′s introducing the Book of Unity, which is the voice of the common man and a national forum for people to express themselves to the ones who run the country.

Yoouva Book of Unity

The Book of Unity takes its true inspiration from the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who played a path-breaking role in uniting India. Keeping that in mind, this book was conceptualized and manufactured in-house to commemorate the tallest statue in the world, The Statue of Unity.

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You will never find a kid, who doesn’t like a book; you only need to hand them the right kind of Book, to ignite their hidden set of skills. Books play a very important role in a child’s developing years, it can transform the way a child reads, writes and communicates. Encouraging children to engage with books at an early age helps them understand the world around them in a much better way. Not all children’s books are meant to entertain kids, some to educate, motivate, inform and some to even stimulate creativity.

Best Children's Books

There are a variety of children’s books out there to give kids endless knowledge & broaden their mind. So be particular to choose the books for your kids. Since the New Year demands a new set of books, here’s a list of children's books online which are approved by a panel of educationist, that can help you get started –

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